Have you ever dreamed . . .

of flying in space?


of riding in a spaceship . . .

Dream Chaser photo 2013-3230-s

all the way to orbit?


of floating in zero-g and watching the Earth below?


of traveling to the Moon?


and going to Mars?


of being a space explorer?


It has been over 50 years since Yuri Gagarin became the first person to orbit the Earth and now we know how to make spaceflight affordable to anyone who has the dream and desire to go there.

Not just a sub-orbital hop to 100 km up – but real spaceflight,

to Earth orbit . . .

and beyond.


If you are young and thinking of your future,

of what to do with your life,

of an exciting dream to make real,

this is the chance for your generation to open the final frontier for all mankind.

At first the Moon, the near Earth asteroids, and Mars.


After that the asteroid belt, the moons of Jupiter, and the moons of Saturn.

It is real.

It can be built with existing materials and technology.

It is affordable.

It will allow the wealth of the solar system to be brought home to Earth.

It will allow us to become a multi-planet species.

It will allow us to become a spacefaring civilization

and everyone will live better as a result.

Don’t be afraid to dream big . . .

with affordable spaceflight it all becomes possible.

A Universe of unlimited possibilities.

“To Infinity and Beyond!” heic1406apotw1408a

What makes all this possible is called a Skyhook . . .



A Skyhook will make Earth to orbit spaceflight affordable to anyone who wants to go.

It also makes Earth orbit to escape velocity spaceflight affordable and possible.


We can start building it now.

Once the Skyhook is built, the solar system becomes ours:

  • to explore,
  • to use,
  • to settle,
  • to build a civilization in.


It is the realization of a centuries old dream;

of humans living, working,

creating a new life,

and a new civilization in space.

It is the building of a doorway to the heavens.


Pass this on to your friends and family.

Pass it on to anyone who has ever dreamed of being:

  • an astronaut,
  • a space explorer,
  • of walking on another world,
  • of living and working in a space colony,
  • of being an asteroid miner.

Send it to your congressman and senator.

Send it to a space business:

  • SpaceX,
  • Sierra Nevada Corporation,
  • Virgin Galactic,
  • Stratolaunch Systems,
  • Blue Origin,
  • Bigelow Aerospace,
  • Inspiration Mars Foundation.

Plan for it.

Get educated for it.

Save for it.

Invest in it.

Make it happen.

Live it.


For more information on what a Skyhook is, go to these links:











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